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Welcome to XαριsXpressions!

We are a group of young men and women who have experienced the grace of God in our lives and we yearn to express that wonderful love. If you have experienced God’s amazing grace in your life, we want to reach out to you because we are here to create a platform for those who want to express God’s grace. Kindly use our feedback tab to get in touch with us.

God bless!

Romans 6;21,22

Daily Devotion

March 16, 2013

Elliot Clarence

Sin is something that always seems attractive. It always promises pleasure and lures us with colourful extremities that catch our attention. We get drawn in, argue and convince ourselves that we can do it just one time and then stop. But before we know it, that sin becomes a habit. We end up becoming slaves to sin as the scripture says.

However, in the midst of this, we must remember that we have a saviour King who can save us when we call on him. He is the only true master to whom we must pledge our loyalty. When we make Jesus our Lord, we are no longer bound as slaves to sin. The choice and decision is a personal one that must be made by every individual.

This day, we encourage you to let go of sinful desires. They may give temporary pleasures, but they have severe consequences in the long run. As Dr John Higgins aptly puts it, “Sin is a cruel master that leads to death; Jesus is a loving Lord who leads to eternal life.”

Romans 8;2

Daily Devotion

March 15, 2013

Ps Shaiju Thomas

To live a quality life on a daily basis one ought to know what is required of him/her and what should be omitted too. Imagine one minute your life without instructions and rules and regulations – your boss tells you do whatever you want, your teacher tells to study what you like, your doctor prescribes whatever he likes, the cop on the street gives permission to anything…the world will be a chaos.

Romans 8:2 of the Holy Bible points out to us that there are two kinds of laws – one that of physical realm and the other at the spiritual realm.  The physical realm law points to the spiritual realm law.  The law is only a pointer to the real or to the truth – Christ Jesus.  The first verse of the same chapter says, “there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus”. That means, the rule-book tells you when you have gone wrong and what you should have done but does not have the power to save a person from judgement.

The book – the Holy Bible, claims that all people are sinners and thus worthy of punishment, that is the law at the physical realm and pointing to the condition of our soul and heart.  But then it goes on to tell us in John 3:16, that God loved us that he didn’t wanted to leave us in that condition.  So He came down and died and rose again for us so that we may have life that defies the rule of the physical realm.

Thus, we are free from the condemnation of the law of physical realm because Christ Jesus The Lord of the law has set us free and has made us responsible for our lives that flows from His goodness.

This does not mean we can do whatever we want, but what it means is once we had no choice but now you and I have the choice, we are free from the weight of sin, we have a hope and we can decide.

If you have made the choice to follow Christ, may you continue to live life not bogged down by the weight of the world but in freedom that Christ gives. Invite him to your board meetings of life, office, school, family, etc…and see how He helps you to sail through the rough weather.

But if you didn’t have this opportunity, we encourage you to pray this prayer…dear Jesus, I need you this morning and every morning to be The Lord of my life.  I am a sinner and have been condemned to death but this morning I want to surrender my life at your feet.  I know you are the living God and I want to live in the freedom that you have promised us. I surrender my life, in Jesus Christ, my saviours name, I pray.

If you just made this prayer, we want to comment God’s blessings on you and are sire that God will give you victory today in your struggles.  We also encourage you to get in touch with us to know more, we will be glad to help and guide you.

Blessed day, enjoy the freedom that the Christ your saviour has given.

Romans 11;32

Daily Devotion

March 14, 2013

Anurup Balan

How often have we been disobedient, while at home, at college or even at our work places? Sin entered the world through disobedience and so we are all bound or shut together under this sin. While we disobey irrespective of the place we are, we must realize that we are bound by this sin.

Now God is not an unjust God nor does he create a visibility impact here by handing us over to sin and then showing us mercy. God’s intention is not to show his supremacy by shutting us up first and then showing us mercy. However, the point here is that God, while he has bound all of us over to disobedience, we are also given that free will to make a choice either to obey or disobey. Now the mercy that God showers into our lives depends on the choice that we make.

How would you feel to be in a situation where you have not been given a freewill. Where you cannot make decisions freely and are always being watched over. The present generation always loves to enjoy a little bit of freedom. One will definitely feel good and will be able to do his/her best while there is freedom in the things we do. Now while we enjoy freedom it is very important that we live our lives in accordance to the plan of God. God has given that freewill to make decisions to all mankind and this is what the Holy Bible speaks about in Romans 11:32 that God has bound everyone over to disobedience, but there is a free will whether to obey or disobey and the Lord shows his mercy based on our decision.

Each one should realize that we are responsible for the decisions we make. XarisXpressions will like to encourage you to align your decisions with God’s will and enjoy His mercy forever.

 Have a blessed day in the Lord!